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Coronation 2020 - The Reign of Cakes

Emperor XXXVIII Sir Nicholas Storm Empress XXXVIII Wendi Meadows

Coronation 2019 - The Reign of Storms

Emperor XXXVII Joel Storm Empress XXXVII Kayla Storm

Coronation 2018 - Time of the Evergreen, The Fabulous Misadventures of a Time Lady & Her T.A.R.D.I.S.

Empress XXXVI Rikki Royale

Coronation 2017 - Where No Man or Drag Queen Has Gone Before...

Emperor XXXV Xavier Crystal Storm Empress XXXV Wynonna Storm

Coronation 2016 - A Night With 007 An Evening At Skyfall

Empress XXXIV Mahogany Grace Ellington Knight

Coronation 2015 - Celebrating 40 Years of the Evergreen Empire

Coronation 2014 - Storm Warning

Empress XXXII Desana Storm

Coronation 2013 - The Enchanted Forest

Emperors XXXI Sir Peter Storm+ & Sir Brian Storm+ Empress XXXI Wynonna Storm

Coronation 2012 - A House of Cards The Deck is Stacked

Emperor XXX Sir Peter Storm+ Empress XXX Shanita Blough

Coronation 2011 - Clue A Drag Murder Mystery

Emperor XXIX Brian Storm+ Empress XIX Suzi Diamond

Coronation 2010 - Reign XXVIII - Medieval Madness

Emperor XXVIII D.L. Sterling-Slide Empress XXVIII Betty Desire

Coronation 2009 - Reign XXVII - Burning Ambitions Frigid Traditions

Emperor XXVII Lexington Sterling Empress XXVII Natasha Vain

Coronation 2008 - An Imperial Graduation!

Emperor XXVI D.L. Sterling

Coronation 2007 - The Emperor and Empress' New Groove, A Walk on the Wildside, A Night of Color and Excitement

Emperor XXV Chad Sterling Empress XXV Aruba Sterling

More programs coming soon! (1997-2006)

Coronation 1996 - Anything Goes

Emperor XIV Kriss Jive

Coronation 1995 - Leather, Feathers, Face and All, A Simple Space Country Ball: Year 2069

Emperor XIII Lonnie Ball Empress XIII Celita T. Slide*

Coronation 1994 - Fantasies & Fairy Tales, A Bush Bunny Delight

Emperor XII Katrina Empress XII Java Jive*
1993 - Reign XI Terminated & Replaced by Reign XII

Coronation 1993 - Champagne Wishes, Caviar Dreams, Feathers, Boas and Headdresses - Return to Vegas

Emperor X Ryan Empress X Krisstail Jive

Coronation 1992 - Back to the Renaissance, A Return of Chivalry, A Sneaker Ball!!!

Emperor IX Harry+ Empress IX Jamimia

Coronation 1991 - (No Program Available)

Emperor VIII Boots* Empress VIII Celita T. Slide*

Coronation 1990 - Journey to the Nile Hollywood Style

Emperor VII Pat Empress VII Slippery Slide*

Coronation 1989 - Take a Ride on the Orient Express, Standing Room Only (Coming Soon!)

Emperor VI Donny Empress VI Java Jive*

Coronation 1988 - Return to the Land of Make Believe!

Emperor V Jack* Empress V Celita T. Slide*

Coronation 1987 - Le Fun Le Jazz Mardi Gras New Orleans Style: A Year of Too Much Fun

Emperor IV Harry+ Empress IV Debbie Reynolds-Wrap

Coronation 1986 - A Decade of Love in Electric Dreams: 2010, A Space Odyssey

Emperor III James Empress III Shenna Longfellow*

Coronation 1985 - Athens

Emperor II John Empress II Monique+

Coronation 1984 - Another Opening... A Brand New Show

Emperor I Arne+ Empress I Roxanne*

More programs coming soon!

+ Lifetime Member*In Loving Memory